MagiQuest at Great Wolf Lodge

by Jessica on February 7, 2012

MagiQuest. Sounds like a kid’s delight, but what is it? It’s a treasure hunt for the modern seeker with the opportunities to test your powers around every corner. With a literal wave of a magic wand, you set off on fantastical quests that take you around the hotel and into worlds of adventure. Your wand is equipped with a sensor which will activate the game when it is pointed at the various elements throughout the hotel.  Activating elements in the game earns your points that can be used to earn further quests and adventures.  Knowing some of the tips and tricks before you play will make your MagiQuest truly magical.

How to Begin

Start in the Magiquest Store, where you will purchase a wand *($14.99 and up) and a game ($9.99 for four days of play).  This is all you will need to begin your quest, although there are plenty of extras you can purchase to add to the game.   Your name will be registered with your wand, so you can check your progress**on the Magiquest screen and on the TV in your room.  Along with your wand, you will be given a guidebook called the Ancient Book of Wisdom to help you on the way. 

*a note for parents of more than one kid: if at all possible convince your kids that this is a team sport and buy only one wand.  Not only will you save yourself money, but you will save yourself tons of frustration and confusion of which wand activated which element in the game.

**a note for parents of competitive kids: Try to avoid letting your little competitor know that there is a way they can actually “win” this game or you will be tiptoeing through the hotel during  the wee hours of the night to push yourself to the top of the leaderboard.

Starting Your Quest

Your quest begins near the Magiquest store at the giant tree with the computer screen.  Point your wand at the tree to choose and begin your quest.  Read the instructions carefully, especially paying attention to push the button to “Accept your Quest.”  It is very easy to push the wrong buttons in the excitement of the set up process and have to start again. 

After choosing your quest, refer to your guide to help you find the clues complete your quest.  This is where the fun begins!  Completing your quests leads to acquiring runes which will eventually give you enough power to fight and slay the deadly dragon.  Although this is the initial goal of Magiquest, it is only the beginning of the fun.  New quests and adventures are unlocked as you fight the dragon and lead to more opportunities to test your powers.

How it Works

There are 10 Runes to collect and it takes 11 Quests to collect them all.  Collecting these Runes opens up three Adventure Quests to extend the fun.  Consult your Ancient Book of Wisdom for clues on how to proceed with collecting and become a Master Magi.  Follow the clues in the book to find a series elements that unlock the next level.  There are enough levels and ways to play to keep you busy the entire time you are at Great Wolf Lodge, and even come back for more.

Tips for Kids On Becoming Master Magis and Tips for Parents to Not Go Crazy in the Process

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