Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

by Jessica on April 6, 2011

The Wonder of Seeing the World with a Toddler

1.  Plan your day with your child’s interests in mind.  Start the day with a fun toddler activity and plan for something fun later in the day too.

2. Invest in a great baby carrier. Even at two, some toddlers still love to ride in a carrier with mom or dad. My hands down favorite is the Ergo, both for versatility and comfort. Being in a carrier gets kids out of the stroller and makes them feel like they are part of the action.

3. Let them walk. Of course you didn’t bring your stroller just to haul around your diaper bag, but lots of toddler will just want to walk. It will slow you down somewhat, but letting toddlers walk gives them independence and wears them out. A win-win, especially at bedtime.

4. Collect special stroller treats and toys. There will be some times when you will need your toddler to ride in the stroller. Keep a small bag handy with extra special snacks and toys that will entice your little one to sit for a few moments.

5. Eat early and often. Full bellies make happy travelers. Nuff said.

6. Divide and conquer. If you are traveling with more than one adult, give one adult toddler duty while the other enjoys traveling with the other kids. Meet up often to trade duties and keep each parent fresh.

7. Relax your standards. Even if you banish movies and candy at home, a little treat on the road can be your best friend. Movies are great for long car rides. Lollipops area perfect treat for times when you need to keep little mouths quiet for a few minutes.

8. When things get tough, sing a song. Toddlers love to sing. An aptly chosen song can stop a meltdown in its tracks or make a difficult transition a little easier.

9. Stop and act silly. The sheer exhaustion of traveling with a two year old can make even the sunniest parent lose their smile. A little game of peek-a-boo or tickles can cheer up both of you in an instant.

10. Find your ace in the hole. For us, it is toddler games and movies loaded on our smart phones. If we are desperate for entertainment or diversion, we pull it out and can guarantee at least a few minutes of rest.

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