Meet My Travel Companions

by Jessica on March 7, 2011

Let me introduce my traveling companions.  I am blessed beyond words to share my adventures both near and far with this great group of guys.

My Husband, Gary~He’s the most seasoned traveler among us and is responsible for the nuts and bolts of traveling.    He’s the one holding the maps, the tickets, and the passports.  He also does most of the heavy lifting, and sometimes resembles a pack mule.  In the real world, he’s a tech guy.  For fun, he dabbles in photography, video editing, and guitar playing.  He has recently taken up the piano and wishes he had more time to restore classic cars.  Because he is the photographer, he is almost never in any pictures of our travels.  His favorite travel memory is touring Pompeii.~

Son #1, Ryan~ He’s our traveling guinea pig, and has certainly inherited his parents’ wanderlust.  He can be found checking out the big hanging world map and charting the next adventure.  When he’s not trip planning, he loves to build with legos or create board games.  He has mad art skills, and can create absolutely anything with a piece of paper, scissors, and tape.  He wants to be an architect when he grows up.  His favorite travel memory is digging in the sand on the beach in Hawaii.~

Son #2, Evan~ He loves to go anywhere with adventure.  Climbing, swinging, and roller coasters are right up his alley.  He never meets a stranger and will talk to anyone whether they understand him or not.  At home, he enjoys playing baseball.  He prefers outside to inside, and can be found in all kinds of weather jumping on the trampoline.  He wants to be a pediatric emergency doctor when he grows up.  His favorite travel memory is visiting the Oklahoma Science Museum and going inside a 70 mph tornado.~

Son # 3, Aidan~He is our talker and keeps the family entertained with his antics.  He loves to tell jokes and make picture books.  He is a collector of all things.  Currently, he is building his collection of bottle caps.  At last check, he wanted to be an ice cream man when he grows up.  His favorite travel memory is climbing to the top of the Eiffel Tower.~

Son #4, Morgan~ He is a delighfully joyful baby boy.  He is always ready with a smile.  He loves to dance and sing, and his favorite group is Queen.  He is oddly talented at singing complicated lyrics, and sings more often than he speaks.  He loves to snuggle with mom and is willing to go anywhere in the Ergo carrier perched on mom’s back or hip.  His favorite travel memory is mini mountain climbing among the rocks of the Garden of the Gods.~


Anna March 25, 2011 at 8:19 pm

Your boys are soo stinkin CUTE!

Tanya Storm January 11, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Thank you for your blog! I have been toying with the idea of figuring out a way to do this kind of stuff, now that we have an almost two-year old. You are an inspiration, and give me hope that this is possible for us!

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