Warwick Castle

by Jessica on March 2, 2009

10:00 Enter the gates of the castle and pause for an irresistible photo op in the stocks

10:10 First, a quick tour of the lovely chapel and then a tour of the Great Hall and State Rooms, including the armory. Plenty of arms to test and try out to thrill a little boy’s heart

10:30 A tour of the Kingmaker, a wax presentation that shows a medieval village preparing for battle. Very realistic with sights, sounds, and smells that draw you into the experience. Here, a worker asked if the boys were missing school and Ryan said, “No, this is school.”

10:45 Climbed as fast as possible up the stairs of the motte and bailey castle. Mom, being 8 months pregnant was the last to reach the top. The view from here is spectacular and the boys have a bit of playtime with the sword in the stone.

11:00 Back to the entrance to enjoy our picnic lunch in the castle themed wooden playground.

11:30 The boys sit and play games along the moat as we wait for a tour of the castle to begin.

11:45 Short tour of the defenses of the castle

12:00 The dungeon, very dungeon-y

12:15 A mad dash up many flights of stairs to walk the parapet. Evan is named the “Stair Conqueror” for his ability to rush to the top before everyone else. Mom, still pregnant, brings up the rear.

12:45 A quick tour of the Victorian era house that shows wax figures preparing for a party. Very boring compared to the parapet and the dungeon, I am told.

1:00 A short walk into the Peacock garden. We pause momentarily to watch a falconry presentation.’

1:10 Face to face with a dozen spectacular peacocks. Off in the distance we catch a fox chasing some peahens into the bushes

1:20 Tour the Garden Conservatory

1:30 Arrive just in time to watch the firing of a giant trebuchet

1:45 Begin the long walk back to the entrance.

2:00 Pleading and begging work to encourage Mom and Dad to visit the gift shop.

2:30 Three boys emerge outfitted with swords, maces, and all other manners of medieval weaponry. Fake battles are staged with full sound effects as we head under the portcullis and back the modern world.

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